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the fishing boat was sinking. beyond that saying the crew actually in cases kept some of the fishermen from getting into the few boats that were available. >> i asked them, i said have you called the coast guard? he didn't say anything and just kept staring at me. >> the fishing boat survivor says the captain made no effort to notify authorities or hanson and his fellow passengers that their boat was sinking in stormy waters, hanson grabbed an ice chest and dove into the water. >> i started to swim away from the ship. the top edge of the ship starting to come down at me. i hit the cooler ways trying to drag out. it didn't roll over it like they say it did. i just had the bow up in the air. within 30 seconds it went straight down, out of sight, gone. >> 15 hours later, sun burned, hanson was pulled from water by a passing motor boat. other survivors made it to an island and were rescued and
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given medical treatment. >> the captain was inept least to saichl he should be prosecuted to an extend. >> pete zucker made it on to a small boat on the eric. >> it was never any warning to us. and there was no made yeah. -- mayday no, flares. a beacon would be you throw it into the water, gps picks it up. >> and lee survived worried about those who haven't been found. >> aur all good people. >> barbara's neighbor returned late thursday night. >> it's going to be a difficult thing, boy imagine. you know? losing friends, not knowing their whereabouts today. >> survivors recover, several families still wait for word
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on missing loved one autos we have to face the fact that, you know, this outcome may not end up being the way we want. for us, one place we know hadn't been searched is inside of the boat. >> and that is a family of lon donald lee, still missing, that family would like if a dive team would go down to take a look at the eric. at this point there are no plans to do that because it's complicated and dangerous. i just got off the phone with the coast guard. today they told me 2200 square miles have been searched. they'll be back out there tomorrow, as for how long the search will continue, the coast guard spokesman told me they'll take it day by day. >> and investigators on a scene of a small plane crash in watsonville.
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there is a photo of the family there are two reports tonight. family and friends gathered and we begin at the crash site in watsonville remains have opinion taken out of here and have been removed. the national transportation safety board will take all of the pieces in place them in a warehouse, examining each one of the keys. the man behind controls of the mean was a 45-year-old and all them headed 26 miles west of yosemite. investigators from national transportation safety board and the federal aviation administration combed through debris, interviewing witnesses. and there is shortly after that, the plane went down,
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hitting the building. no one was inside at the time. and there will be a preliminary report in five to 10 day autos the airplane appears to, all of these with the exception of a pro pellor blade. and the nose, two wing tips and tail. >> here is what one pilot who had flown out of the airport had to say. >> this appears they fwheent a climb, perhaps follow the airplane, installing that airplane making a turn, a slow turn, it's typical to lose lift z it's -- that is what it looked like. >> now that is up to
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investigators to determine whether human or mechanical error or if weather had anything to do with it. four people are conducting this investigation and they might call in other people. and this will take sometime. >> and this tragedy is absolutely devastating for the house and family and friends. they're crushed by the news. and we're wlif that part of the story. lisa? >> reporter: this is a very hard time for anyone who knows the family. they've been a fixture here in santa cruz for decades. david's father used to be a professor here at uc santa cruz, david graduated from here. and they were on their way to meet up with the rest of their family and crashed. david started to fly a few
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years ago, and bought his plane last year. the family traveled all over in that four person plane, which took off yesterday around 7:30 last night. david's brother thinks he left at that time to likely beat the fog and darkness. and moments after takeoff, the engine may have started sputtering and failed. >> it's just seemed like it, they're going to walk into the door and we're going see them showing up, you know? this is just funny how time works and how someone could be there one minute and not the next. >> i know that he would be gratified to know nobody else got hurt. i -- knowing dave i know that that is important to him. >> and investigators say the family of four died instantly and no one else on the ground was hurt. david, deede skpe. their sons loved air and water,
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constantly suba diving and flying. the couple owned a scuba school and an environmental services company here in santa cruz. i'm told they were very altruistic raising money and sent supplies to a small community in mexico that was devastated by a hurricane. >> and ntsb released a report on an amtrak plane crash that killed people in nevada. a fire broke out and investigators say a video camera from the engines shows a crossing gates and warning lights did work properly. they found skid marks from the truck. >> and in last half hour, abc news is reporting the death of betty ford.
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she was first lady when presidentger yold ford took over from an impeached richard nixon. she was a fighter, beating off breast cancer in 1974 and later a battle with alcohol. she started the betty ford clinic to help other alcoholics. >> she was 93 years old. >> and and we talked to don sanchez today, don, he didn't want to talk about the case, did sne. >> no. but mark lugo thinks that this story, which is received international exposure has been blown out of pro portion. no camera, he said. we talked in a jail meeting room. he stood up and this is what he was awearing.
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the new jersey man told me he can't talk to his family because his cell phone has been taken and he's looking for an attorney. he says he's looking for a high profile defense attorney taking his case pro bono. he won't tell me if he took the picasso and abc 7 news was instrumental in asking lefty odoule's to check its video. >> he doesn't appear to have been involved with anyone else at this point. >> he worked in upscale restaurants in new york city, including perse. with that experience, i asked how food is? n.jail. i've tasted better, he said, he's been held on $5 million bail, probably be arraigned on
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monday. winestein gallery thopz get the picasso back next week, after their beefier security system is installed. >> i would imagine, thank you very much. >> and still to come, final space shuttle flight. why it leaves an empty place in hearts of many. >> and cooler weather this weekend and next week, i'll have details in the accu-weather forecast coming up. >> and a historic expedition. after 6:30, what scientists didn't find that has them concerned. stay with ususususususususususu+
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>> closed captioning brought to you by mancini sleepworld. two, one. zero. lift off. >> despite the threat of rain, the space shuttettel marks the 135th and final, shuttle mission. the crew is on a 12 day trip aimed at restocking with spare parts and pro visions. nearly a million people were on thoond witness the launch. they're expected to return home july 20th. >> so after shuttle missions this is it. for those connected with the program this is a bittersweet mission. and there is pride, and there is some sadness. >> two, one, zero. lift off.
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>> when the shuttle lifted off safely from cape canaveral it was literally the beginning of the end. nasa aims may have been the next best place to watch, among friends. >> i think it's arguably the last time that i may be an american flying into space sponsored by u.s. government. >> if you kept count there have been 135 shuttle missions since the first in 1981 the jack boyd knew numbers. he came near 1947, helped put men into space with every program since mercury. >> there is going to be right after this income anything you do that is worth doing. so. >> this and they cost twice as much money as predicted. and two dafters -- disasters
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caught 14 lives z our per sipgs -- perception of space flight changed. >> when will you breathe a sigh of relief? >> when the shut jell on the ground. >> frank runs a wind tunnel at naisa. when engineered learned how foam damaged heat tiles, he took a model into the tunnel. >> so within 24 hours we brought a sample of the tile here from florida. prepared for the test ran it in conditions they would encounter. and atmospheric enry and certified it would survive. >> and it was eye candy for some, but not here. and still counting. from nasa in mountain view,
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wayne freedman abc 7 news. >> quite a day. >> it was. we had a beautiful day here. >> spencer christian is here with the forecast. >> it's going to be cooler, still into the weekend and next week. there is a live view now from our mount tam camera looking on to the bay. you can see fog pushing through the golden gate and into the bay. clear skies everywhere else away from the coast and there is a pleasant evening now. there is a look this afternoon. fog clinging to much of the coastline. high temperatures today did make it back into mid-90s inland. there is 80s in other inland locations. 67 in san francisco. we won't see those highs for a while. now it's 92 degrees in antioch. that is our warm spot. 88 in both concord and fairfield. and there is lower readings
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into the bay and coastline. foggy on the coast tonight. cooler area wide tomorrow, temperatures bottoming out in a big way next week. there is some fog around, low temperatures dropping into mid-50s. and on we go to the satellite image. there is a trough and this cooler pattern going to continue for the next six days or so. take a look at how things will be shaping up. at 5:00 in the morning, fog around the skbai coast. will burn back to the coastline. and there is by 3:00 high temperatures on the coast only into upper 60s, and and there are no 90s expected tomorrow. and into the south bay, highs from 79 in santa clara.
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84 in saratoga. 72 san mateo. 77 mountain view. upper 50s on the coast. so getting cooler there. downtown san francisco, a high of 63 degrees tomorrow. 58 into sunset district. 81 in santa rosa. and clear lake will be the only locations seeing 90 degrees or better. there is low to mid-70s inland east bay, low to mid-80s and danville and near monterey bay, 67 in watsonville. and 80s inland in gilroy. and and just keeps on getting cooler. we'll bottom out with lowest temperature readings. and upper 70s around the bay into upper 60s to maybe 70.
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upper 50s and on the coast we'll get warming on and there is a reminder, aids walk in san francisco will be held sunday july 17th. and and thank you, spencer. >> just ahead a progress report on the bay bridge. >> and why those strips are now hanging from towers, what are theyeyeyeyeyeyeyeyeyeyeyeyey
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oakland firefighters voted to take a pay cut to help the city close it's budget deficit voting to slash pay for the next three years and will make larger contributions to pensions. oakland has been able to trim $40 million from $58 million deficit thanks to give backs from several unions. the sale of the now-closed kaiser convention center will close the rest of it. >> if you have been on the bay bridge, you probably couldn't help but notice a lot of work going on. what are the orange things hanging off of the tower? >> two strips hanging from the west side of the tower are cat walks. 12 feet wide, made of wire mesh. workers will walk on the ramps, installing mile long cable that wraps around the new bridge's hallmark tower,
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reaching 500 feet above sea level. >> this 35 degree angle but our workers are skilled and are trained and know what they're doing. >> this animation showing what the finished product will look like there. is a cable wrapping around both ends. the curved section shows a root the -- route the cable will talk. the cat walks four feet below where cable will hang. >> there is an apparatus they're going to use to feed the cable through this foot print it needs to go in. >> and they're no strangers to working at altitude. it's hard to tell but looks like workers on construction of the old bay bridge did their job untethered. the cable on nut bridge will be one unspliced mile of 137 bundles of cables, each has
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127 small cables and each one mile long sit underneath blue tarps. two more cat walks still need to be installed and work on putting cable in place should begin next year. >> and sections will be closed for a couple days starting this sunday morning and from 2:00 sunday until 6:00 a.m. monday, then again, tuesday morning from 1:00 until 4:00 a.m. signs will direct drivers around detour autos still to come tonight, tragedy in texas. a baseball fan falls to his death in front of his young son. the toll this is taking on many people. >> and washington's reasons for bleak new unemployment report y they don't make any sense for one businessman. >> and the royals arichl we'll
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let you know what william and kate plan to do during their stay in california.
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a 39-year-old father trying to catch a souvenir baseball for his son lost his life with that grab at last night's rangers a's game in texas and rocked the baseball world. there are questions being raised about fan safety. and we have the report. >> this was supposed to be a father-son bonding moment, one that dreams are made of. >> the son cried out daddy! and you know... my husband grabbed the boy so he won't see it. >> shannon stone, a texas firefighter reached over to catch a ball tossed by a ranger outfielder. >> just the ball hit his hand
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it threw him off balance. he went head first. >> he fell 20 feet to the concrete floor. wind. >> the gentleman reached out and lost his balance and went over the rail. i reached out to grab him. he went straight down. head first. >> stone left conscious and alerted to ask about his son but an hour later he was dead. >> drives it to the core of what we're did -- about and memories we try to make in this game. and for our fan autos major league baseball will review this with every club to ensure fan safety if it would happen here, koit happen anywhere? a spokesperson for giants giants tonight told abc 7 news in lieu of last night's terrible tragedy, the organization will look with a fresh set of eyes at any vulnerabilities here in at and t park. >> and in this newscast we'll
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hear from the player that threw that ball into the stands coming up in sports. >> the bay area has lost another soldier in the line of duty. the sargeant died in afghanistan. his dad sent us these photos on a trip to disany land. he was married tw w.two young sons. he was 36 years old. >> a two-hour special here on abc 7 will shed light on jaycee dugard's kidnapping. the information will come from jaycee herself. the first interview with jaycee, a special will air sunday night, she was kidnapped age 11 by phillip and nancy garrido, held
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captive for 18 years, and she was repeatedly abused and gave birth to two daughters. >> you're in labor and there is nobody there. having a baby in a backyard. >> yup. i did. very painful. but... then, i saw her. she was beautiful. >> the special airs this sunday night at 9:00. >> and america's unemployment rate rose to 9.2% in june. hiring slowed and employers added only 18,000 jobs, the fewest in nine months. and there is something the white house wasn't expecting. >> analysts expecting 110,000 jobs.
6:32 pm
and there are 18 thu and it was a tough day at the white house. the president walked through a laundry list of reasons for poor job showings. >> the problems in greece, and in europe, along with uncertainty over the debt limit here in the united states will be raised and this made businesses hesitant. >> congressional republicans say it's lower tax that's lead to more employment. >> this does not make sense for americans to suffer in an economy like this. >> congressional democrats say the government should step in. >> day 185 of the republican majority and we have not seen one jobs bill. >> and for one owner of a construction company, it's straight forward. >> if i need a contract, i'm getting a job. >> nick says it boils down to this. if you hire someone, can he
6:33 pm
make it pay? >> to make money, yes. that is how it works. >> and people don't spend money on houses when feeling uncertain about finances. >> people say very to go to the least expensive offer. and that is a painful reality for me. >> in a job center unemployed matthew is looking for a teaching job. he says it's clear to him... unemployment numbers add up to trouble for the obama administration. >> most definitely. it's affecting me and friends. and my friends. it's going to be something i'm going look at. >> serious political trouble for the reelection? >> we have to bear in mind this not the job numbers now but a year from now that are
6:34 pm
going to make a difference. >> more than the number will be the direction it's going if it's trending up or down, next summer, that is when the number will count. >> there is no question. thank you very much. >> unemployment report sent stocks tumbling today. dow jones finishing at 12,657. >> and we have learned that the sun tral figure in a real estate fraud case agreed to plead guilty this month. been two years since we revealed how jim mcconville paid people 10,000ses today use their name, and good credit to purchase properties up and down the state. and he often defaulted on the loans, he's being held on
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conspiracy charge autos just head television set that won't turn off. >> and as soon as i turned it off, click, it turned on by itself. >> why it tookqqqqqqqqรบ
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prices for big screen tvs have come way down in recent years that. zbt news f something goes wrong they can be expensive to fix. >> how do they compare to the
6:38 pm
old style sets? 7 on your side looks into that question for us. >> yes. we know they look better and they're bigger z now you're going to find this out. unlike simpler televisions today's tv's run on computers giving great pictures and they can also have strange problems eddie chan enjoyed his television until turning it off and the tv turned itself back on. >> i said, did i turn off the tv? or back back on? >> so he turned it off again. but it came back on again, by itself. he was baffled. >> and i turned it off again, and right before my eyes click back on. >> before the picture could fill the screen, the tv shut off again. and no matter what he did, it seemed to have a mind of it's
6:39 pm
own. he finally had to pull the plug to get it to stop. the next day, the same things happened. >> i couldn't watch any programming. before the picture would come on, it would turn off it was two and a half years old. but eddie thought waits soon for a $2000 set to die. so he contacted the manufacturer, lg and spoke with customer service agents over two weeks is and keeping these logs of the calls in which agents kept agreeing this whole thing must be frustrating. >> the first thing the person said is why didn't you not by the extended warranty? i don't think it should be breaking down after less than three years of owning it. >> eddie found others had the same problem, suddenly turning off. frustrating. this is a unique nature of today's tvs which are computer that's have really big monitors. >> that is brian coolly,
6:40 pm
technology expert at c says tvs are more complicated than tube tvs of the past. yet the problem is rare. >> when the tv dies after two years and gos into this you're more of a victim of bad luck than technology. >> eddie turned to 7 on your side and we contacted lg. the company said it had agreed to pay for new parts forred tv, two circuit boards costing around $300. he had to cover the $185 labor charges. lg said we've double checked with experts and found this is not a common problem. the tv set was out of warranty, lg covered costs of the parts. >> the parts solved the problem. and i do feel weary turning off the tv, as in, oh, no. >> here is a tip from brian coolly to. pro long the life use a power strip that moder
6:41 pm
yates electrical flow into the set called a conditioner. tvs can be damaged from a surnl but also from a brownout reducing the electrical flow. different from old tvs. >> we did that a few years ago. >> okay. good. perfect. >> thanks michael. >> a legislative committee approved a bill banning the sale of a cough suppressant for minors. it's found in cold medicine. but some young people take to it get high. it can be fatal. and experts say one in 10 teens admits to having used it to get high. >> skpp just head here, disturbing discovery in what had been shark-infested water autos we haven't seen a single shark at the surface. >> next, only on 7, disappearance of the top
6:42 pm
predator. why this has scientists so concerned.
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you can see
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researchers in golden gate park are home after a historic expedition to the philippine autos abc 7 with these scientists discovering 300 species believed to be new to science. and we focus on what they did not find. it's a tale you'll see only on 7. the philippines is made up of 7,000 islands. a spectacular wonderland, captured in this underwater video. scientists spent more that be a month off the island searching for all kinds of life. divers focused on an area known to have the richest coral reefs. >> only saw two sharks during one thousand dive autos john is one of the world's top shark experts saying 30 years ago, things were different
6:46 pm
here. >> there are sharks everywhere. and i got over it when it realized sharks were dangerous. >> john says the disappearance is what is dangerous. he blames overfishing. >> removeal of the predators like sharks that are so critical causes a downward collapse were you have seeko system collapse. >> and one way is to see what is for sale in fish markets. >> do they sell sharks in market? do you sell sharks? no sharks? >> smo no sharks. >> we didn't see sharks in fish market. not because they don't want to, but they're gone. >> the kad my team spent a week on a research boat in the deep sea off the philippine autos we haven't seen a single shark at the surface. >> but far from the surface they did find a dozen small
6:47 pm
sharks, 1500 to 3,000 feet deep. >> this shark isn't being caught and killed yet. >> they're believed to be a new species of swell shark with ability to change body shape smrks times sleek, sometimes roly-poly like this one. >> they're in their habitat and frightened, they'll swell and look like a bowling ball with fins on it these sharks were treated like celebrities by the scientists excited by discovery, but worried about the decline. >> with about a decade ago, they started to disappear by 73 million per year. to have their fins cutoff to be sold to the asian community for shark fin soup. >> several of the sharks are being brought back for research but most returned to the water to spawn a new generation. researchers hope other sharks
6:48 pm
will get the same chance. >> like in the ocean depends on it just a fascinating expedition. and there is a ban on the sale of fins. >> there is more to tell you about. and you can see them all summer long. >> now, let's get a check of the forecast. >> and spencer? >> things are cooling down but certainly hot and there are 91 in minneapolis. yes. temperatures 90 degrees in minneapolis. tomorrow, looking for highs of 93 in chico. 101 fresno. 108 in palm springs. warmer in the sierra. and it's going to be mild here in the bay area. high temperatures into inland east bay and there is up to
6:49 pm
mid-90s in clear lake. highs only into 80s tomorrow, 60s to 70s around the bay. here is our accu-weather forecast. taking a look at cooling here, after weekend it continues to cool down into mid week and wednesday, thursday, high temperatures inland into 70s, and maybe about 70 around the bay. and there is is a cool down. >> there is a royal welcome in los angeles for prince william and his new wife, catherine them arrived in los angeles international airport just hours ago for their visit to california. they were greeted by governor jerry brown in los angeles mayor anthony villaraigosa. the first event that have the noon is a technology summit in beverly hills, they plan to promote british business ties. they wrapped up a nine-day visit to canada this, is their first official overseas trip and the first time kate
6:50 pm
traveled to america. >> and moving on tonight, just ahead in sports, death of a baseball fan in texas. >> two players taking this tragedy hard.
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breaking news in marin county. a person has fallen down a cliff at red rock beach. >> crews have reached him and he will be taken to the hospital. no word yet on the extent of the injury autos those are live pictures for you hope you can join me on cable channel 20. the state has a law saying perpetrators can be punished for it. >> a judge released an account of missed opportunities of parole agents who monitored phillip garrido. >> people are talking about this tragedy. >> that catch that led to a fan's death. >> it's pretty bad. anyway you look at it, it's bad. this would mess with anyone's head, let alone someone of a
6:54 pm
past of josh hamilton. besides being mvp, he's a recovering drug addict. interview tonight he told reporters what he did after shannon stone fell from the stands. >> i went over and asked how he was. they said a couple hurt arms and head and he was asking about his son. immediately i thought he was going to be okay. and found out after the game he didn't make it. so just a shock. and i can't imagine how his family is feeling. my prayers go out to them. >> pitchers in a's bull pen were the closest players to the tragic accident. like rangers players they're taking the news hard. >> this is surreal to think that that happened last night at our game. we play this game for fun.
6:55 pm
there are many enjoyable things bit wex love seeing little kids at the ballpark. you just hate this was this kid's experience, last night. >> tonight's game, a moment of silence prior, players sporting black ribbons. josh halt milton in rangers line up. and there is a single off geo gonzales. there is five, nothing texas now 8-2 in the 6th. and like ravel sarp sampson, what could have been for yao ming, retiring after just eight seasons. ming tookt nba by storm in 2002. but chronic leg and foot injuries derail aid possible hall of fame career.
6:56 pm
consider ohio state's 2010 football season retired. the memorabilia scandal cost the program all of its wins from last year, including the sugar bowl victory over arkansas. and because thunderstorms postpone majority of play yesterday, the u.s. women's open became a test of endurance, reigning champ forced to play two rounds today. she's a 1-under fired fifth. and there are thunderstorms hit again, should be interesting to say the least, tomorrow. second round, john deere classic, a shot there. there is a five under par today, eagle putt right there. good, but not good enough to
6:57 pm
lead. there is 14 under two shots head of moreno. dur de france there. is a massive pile brought stage seven to a stand still. levi leipheimer out of contention. and there is giants back in action tonight and mets under town. >> thank you. >> that is this edition of abc 7 news. >> thanks for joining us everyone. >> hope to see you again at 9:00 and 11:00. can i eat heart healthy without giving up taste?
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